Leoville Lascases

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A second growth and one of the ‘super seconds’ this great estate is considered in the same league as the first growths by connoisseurs.  Yielding 18,000 cases for the grand vin and 20,000 cases for the superb second wine, Clos du Marquis, selection is taking extremely serious here and there is even a third wine, Bignarnon.  These traditional wines are built for long-term cellaring.  50-80% new oak is applied in ageing with fining but no filtration.  The wines of Leoville Lascases consistently rival their first growth neighbours.

Vint Description Cl ? Cs Bt Cs Bt +
2000 Leoville Lascases 75 IB 2   2450  
1994 Leoville Lascases 75 IB 1   1550  
1978 Leoville Lascases 75 DP   1   140
1971 Leoville Lascases 75 DP   1   75
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