Bordeaux 2016 En Primeur

Wine prices will be added below on release (this does not indicate current availability); please do advise how often you wish to receive alert notifications – thank you. “The wine world can debate whether the 2016 vintage is better than 2015, but the bottom line is that both years are excellent. That’s at least what I found after spending three weeks in Bordeaux with my team tasting 1,200 wines, the largest barrel tasting of my 34-year career as a wine critic.

Indeed Bordeaux’s newest vintage shows wonderful promise, producing dynamic, bright and structured wines, especially on the Left Bank, while the 2015 remains a classic year with slightly more exotic fruit, velvety tannins and ripeness, specifically on the Right Bank.

What we know for sure is that 2016 is one of the best vintages since 2010. I would rate it ahead of 2000 and 2003, as well as every vintage in the 1990s except 1990 itself. The only vintages better are 2005, 2009, 2010 and perhaps 2015.

2016 is a Left Bank year. Vineyards in the Médoc and Graves – particularly in the north such as St. Estephe and Pauillac – capitalised on swings in the weather from drought conditions in the summer to light rain in mid-September. Wineries using predominantly cabernet sauvignon made the best wines, as they harvested later than more precocious and merlot-based areas.

Nonetheless, some of my highest rated came from the best parts of Right Bank’s Pomerol and St. Emilion. Angelus, La Conseillante, Lafleur, Le Pin, Pavie, and Petrus all have the potential to be perfect with scores of 99-100 points. Other sensational Right Bank reds include Beauséjour Duffau-Lagarosse, Cheval Blanc, L’Église Clinet, L’Evangile, La Fleur-Pétrus, Pavie Decesse, Rocheyron, and Vieux-Château-Certan. All received ratings of 98-99.

Some of my favourite lesser-appellations include Fronsac, Francs Côtes de Bordeaux, and Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux. These regions make interesting wines at reasonable price in almost every vintage. And in 2016, many made outstanding wines. This holds true in Haut-Médoc in as well.

Most of the outstanding 2016s were also slightly lower in alcohol that past vintages, particularly compared to 2010 and 2009. Some wines were more than 1 percent less in alcohol. Lower alcohol means more freshness and brightness—a neoclassic style that harkens back to the 1980s when wines were less concentrated and extracted compared to those in the late 1990s and early 2000s.”

Bordeaux 2016 (by appellation)

AG - Antonio Galloni (
JA - Jane Anson (
JR -
JS -
WA - Wine Advocate ( - Neal Martin

Calon Segur £385 per 6 (JR18.5 JA96 WA95-97 JS98-99 AG94-97)
Capbern £85 per 6 (JR17 JA92 WA90-92 JS92-93 AG90-92)
Cos d’Estournel £700 per 6 (JR18 JA97 JS97 WA98-100 AG92-95) - 2nd tranche £775 
Lafon Rochet £200 per 6 (JR16.5 JA95 WA91-93 JS93-94 AG91-94)
Montrose £606 per 6 (JR18 JA96 WA97-99 JS97-98 AG93-96) - 2nd tranche £750
Ormes de Pez £125 per 6 (JR16.5 JA93 WA92-94 JS93-94 AG89-91)
Phelan Segur £199 per 6 (JR17- JA94 WA92-94 JS94-95 AG91-94)
Clerc Milon £300 per 6 (JR17.5+ JA96 WA92-94 JS94-95 AG90-93)
d’Armailhac £195 per 6 (JR17- JA93 WA90-92 JS95-96 AG89-91)
Duhart Milon £320 per 6 (JR17+ JA94 WA92-94 JS94-95 AG89-91)
Grand Puy Lacoste £360 per 6 (JR17 JA94 WA95-97 JS96-97 AG93-96)
Haut Batailley (not EP this year)
Lacoste Borie £115 per 6 (JA90 WA88-90 AG86-89)
Lafite £3000 per 6 (JR18 JA99 WA96-98 JS100 AG95-98) 
Latour (no longer released as a primeur) (JR19 JA98 WA98-100 JS98-99 AG97-100)
Lynch Bages £575 per 6 (JR17.5 JA95 WA97-99 JS98-99 AG92-95)
Mouton £2590 per 6 (JR18.5+ JA98 WA98-100 JS100 AG95/98+)
Pichon Baron £675 per 6 (JR18.5 JA96 WA96-98 JS98-99 AG93-96)
Pichon Lalande £710 per 6 (JR17- JA98 WA96-98 JS96-97 AG97-100)
(& Reserve de la Comtesse £180 per 6 WA90-92)
Pontet Canet £685 per 6 (JR18 JA97 WA95-97 JS98-99 AG96-99)
Beychevelle £339/6 (JR16.5 JA94 WA96-98 JS94-95 AG91-94)
Branaire Ducru £235 per 6 (JR17 JA94 WA92-94 JS95-96 AG92-95)
Clos du Marquis £235 per 6 (JR17 JA92 WA93-95 JS94-95 AG91-94)
Croix du Beaucaillou £210/6 (JR17 JA92 WA92-94JS94-95 AG90/92+)
Ducru Beaucaillou £850 per 6 (JR17 JA97 WA96-98 JS97-98 AG94-97)
Gloria £180 per 6 (JR16.5 JA94 WA93-95 JS93-94 AG92-95)
Gruaud Larose £310 per 6 (JR17.5 JA95 WA93-95 JS95-96)
(& Sarget £100 per 6 WA88-90)
Lagrange £210 per 6 (JR16.5 JA95 WA94-96 JS95-96 AG90-93)
Langoa Barton £210 per 6 (JR17.5 JA94 WA91-93 JS95-96 AG90-93)
Leoville Barton £375 per 6 (JR18 JA96 WA93-95 JS95-96 AG93-96)
Leoville Las Cases £1050 per 6 (JR19 JA99 WA98-100 JS98-99 AG95/98+)
Leoville Poyferre £399 per 6 (JR18 JA96 WA95-97 JS95-96 AG94-97)
Saint Pierre £275 per 6 (JR17- JA95 WA94-96 JS94-95 AG91-94)
Talbot £245 per 6 (JR17 JA94 WA90-92 JS93-94 AG92-95)
Alter Ego de Palmer £290 per 6 (JR16.5 JA93 WA89-91 JS95-96 AG90-93)
Brane Cantenac £315 per 6 (JR17 JA94 WA96-98 JS95-96 AG90-93)
d'Issan £285 per 6 (JR17+ JA95 WA93-95 JS96-97 AG89-92)
Giscours £270 per 6 (JR17 JA94 WA93-95 JS96-97 AG91-94)
Lascombes £340 per 6 (JR16.5 JA93 WA89-91 JS93-94 AG89-92)
Malescot St-Exupery £250 per 6 (JR15.5) JA93 WA94-96 JS98-99)
Ch Margaux £2590 per 6 (JR17.5 JA96 WA97-99 JS98-99 AG97-100)
Palmer £1420 per 6 (JR17.5+ JA98 WA95-97 JS99-100 AG95-98)
Prieure Lichine £175 per 6 (JR16.5 JA95 WA90-92 JS93-94 AG93-96)
Rauzan Segla £365 per 6 (JR17 JA95 WA95-97 JS96-97 AG94-97)
du Tertre £175 per 6 (JR17 JA92 WA90-92 JS94-95 AG89-92)
Haut Medoc
Beaumont £100 per 12btls or 6mags (JR16++ JA89 WA88-90)
Cantemerle £129 per 6 (JR15.5 JA93 WA90-92 JS94-95 AG89-92)
Chasse Spleen £130 per 6 (JR16 JA90 WA92-94)
La Lagune £210 per 6 (JR17- JA93 WA93-95)
Lanessan £114 per 12 (JR16+ JA91 WA90-92)
Poujeaux £130 per 6 (JR16+ JA93 WA91-93)
Senejac £112 per 12 (JR16.5+WA91-93)
Sociando Mallet £160/6 (JR16.5 WA92-94 JS93-94 AG88-91)

Potensac £105 per 6 (JR17 JA90 WA90-92 JS93-94 AG89-92)
Pessac-Leognan (Graves)
Domaine de Chevalier £315 per 6 (JR17+ JA96 WA94-96 JS96-97 AG93-96)
DDC Blanc £425 per 6 (JA94 WA90-92 JS96-97 AG89-92)
Haut Bailly £495 per 6 (JR17 JA97 WA96-98 JS98-99 AG94/97+)
Haut Brion £2490 per 6 (JR19 JA98 WA97-99 JS100 AG95-98)
(& Clarence £600 per 6 WA89-91)
(& Clarte Blanc £350 per 6 WA87-89)
Larrivet Haut Brion £155 per 6 (JR16.5 JA88 WA89-91) 
Latour Martillac £150 per 6 (JR16 JA92 WA92-94)
Malartic Lagraviere £245 per 6 (JR16.5+ JA94 WA94-96 JS95-96 AG92-95)
Malartic Blanc £245 per 6 (JA92 WA89-91 JS93-94 AG90-93)
Mission Haut Brion £1980 per 6 (JR18.5++ JA98 WA98-100 JS96-97 AG94-97)
(& Chapelle £385 per 6 WA91-93)
Pape Clement £395 per 6 (JR16.5 JA94 WA95-97 JS97-98 AG93-96)
Smith Haut Lafitte £470 per 6 (JR17.5 JA97 WA96-98 JS97-98 AG94-97)
SHL Blanc £440 per 6 (JA94 WA93-95 JS96-97 AG92-95)

Right Bank (Francs-Cotes de Bordeaux)
Puygueraud £105 per 12 (JR16.5 VGV 2020-2028, JS93-94, AG88-91)
"stellar wine in its class"
£120 for 24 halves or 6 magnums
£50 per 300cl dblmag, £115 per 600cl imperiale, £180 per 900cl salmanazar
Clinet £432 per 6 (JR16 JA97 WA96-98 JS94-95 AG92-95)
Gazin £360 per 6 (JR16.5 JA94 WA94-96 JS94-95 AG89-92)
Conseillante £930 per 6 (JR17+ JA96 WA96-98 JS99-100 AG95-98)
Evangile £1060 per 6 (JR17.5 JA97 WA94-96 JS98-99 AG94-97)
VCC £1182 per 6 (JR19 JA95 WA95-97 JS98-99 AG97-100)
Angelus £1790 per 6 (JR17++ JA97 WA96-98 JS99-100 AG94/97+)
Ausone £3630 per 6 (JR18+ JA99 WA98-100 JS97-98 AG96-99)
Berliquet £160 per 6 (JR16.5+ JA91 WA91-93)
Canon £440 per 6 (JR18.5 JA98 WA97-99 JS96-97 AG91-94)
Canon la Gaffeliere £385 per 6 (JR17 JA93 WA93-95 JS95-96 AG93-96)
Cheval Blanc £3200 per 6 (JR18.5+ JA98 WA97-99 JS98-99 AG96-99)
Figeac £930 per 6 (JR19 JA98 WA98-100 JS96-97 AG94/97+)
Larcis Ducasse £320 per 6 (JR17 JA92 WA93-95 JS95-96 AG94-97)
Pavie £1790 per 6 (JR17 JA97 WA98-100 JS99-100 AG97-100)
Pavie Macquin £360 per 6 (JR16.5+ JA94 WA94-96 JS97-98 AG96-99)
Troplong Mondot £600 per 6 (JR16 JA95 WA93-96 JS96-97 AG94-97)
Climens £280 per 6 (JR18+ JA94 WA95-97 AG93-96)
Coutet £160 per 6 (JR16.5+ JA96 WA91-93 JS89-90 AG89-92)
Doisy Daene £150 per 6 (JR17 JA93 WA95-97 JS94-95 AG91-94)
Doisy Vedrines £140 per 6 (JR16.5 JA93 WA N/T JS91-92 AG90-93)
Guiraud £175 per 6 (JR17+ JA95 WA93-95 JS94-95 AG89-92)
Rieussec £240 per 6 (JR16.5+ JA95 WA92-94 JS98-99 AG93-96)
Suduiraut £270 per 6 (JR18+ JA94 WA94-96 JS95-96 AG91-94)
Tour Blanche £160 per 6 (JR17 JA89 WA94-96 JS93-94 AG88-91)
Supplements for other formats: 12 bottle price plus £15 for 6 magnums; +£15 for 24 halves; in range +£80 to +£100 for 3 double-magnums; +£5 for 12 bottles ordered as 2x6/75cl; +£25 for 24 halves ordered as 2x12/37.5cl
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