The Warehouse

Terms & Conditions

Storage Conditions

In 1997 Seckford built its own temperature controlled, bonded warehouse adjacent to its offices. This put Seckford in a unique position, being one of very few merchants in the UK to have its own bonded warehouse.

  • We currently store approximately 60,000 cases of wine, which comprises of Seckford stock and client reserves

  • All wine is kept in our temperature controlled warehouse in Suffolk providing the ideal environment for long-term wine storage

  • Average temperature in the warehouse is 12 degrees C

  • Humidity is between 60 & 70%


Our warehouse is HM Customs & Excise approved and is governed by their strict code of practice. 

  • To obtain this license Seckford has to be of sound financial backing
  • We own the premises and warehouse from which we operate so there are no third parties involved.  This is an important consideration for clients wishing to store wine with us
  • As the bond is located adjacent to our offices we have absolute control of storage and distribution
  • Quality control - each case/bottle is checked to make sure there are no problems with the wine that might affect its condition in later life and its potential resale value
  • All cases are clearly marked as the property of the owner with the customer's name and account number, as well as being individually identified on our computer system with a unique reference number
  • No stock can be moved without written permission from the customer


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