Grahams Vintage Port Bond - for gifting this year

The most exciting recent wine initiative I have seen is one that will be a great convenience for those looking to pre-purchase the current vintage for birth and wedding gifts. Graham’s Port is resolving this conundrum by offering a Vintage Port Bond, which can then be redeemed once the wine has been bottled and shipped. The buyer will receive a “Bond Receipt” and “Vintage Port Bond Certificate”, with the latter given to the individual for whom this gift is ultimately intended.
Paul Symington, joint managing director of Graham’s parent company Symington Family Estates, said that the new bond “makes for an original, enjoyable and memorable gift to mark a special occasion, particularly the birth of a child. The beneficiary will be able to enjoy the vintage Port and appreciate its extraordinary evolution at special occasions throughout life, maturing as he or she does,” he remarked.
Graham’s has assured me that if a vintage Port is not “declared” (or not released for sale due to a poor harvest) in that year then the bond holder will receive two lots of Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port. In the unlikely event that no vintage Port at all is made in any given year then a full refund will be guaranteed or an alternative year offered.
2014 and/or 2015 Graham’s Port Bond
1x6 bottle case of Graham’s vintage port
(if not, then 2x6 cases of Malvedos)
£390 incl duty, VAT & UK delivery* (pre-paid)
·         The duty-paid, delivered* (UK mainland) price is confirmed by Graham’s UK shippers. The 2014 vintage is expected to be available in late 2016; the 2015 vintage in late 2017.
·         Wine kept in storage will be subject to Seckford Wines’ Terms & Conditions of its Customer Storage Service.
·         Stock is offered subject to final confirmation – payment with order please.
·         Credit cards (VISA/MasterCard) for UK orders will be subject to a 2% handling charge. There is no additional charge for cheque/debit card/bank transfer payments.
·         E&OE Seckford Wines (subject to Terms & Conditions) ~ April 2015
Please do contact me to order (via here) – thank you.
James Maitland
01394 446610 (Mon-Fri 8.30-5.30)
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