Bordeaux 2013

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Update Thursday 24th April

Haut Brion (£1235 per 6) & La Mission Haut Brion (£660 per 6).

Update Wednesday 23rd April

Grand Puy Lacoste (£345), Haut Batailley (£230), Lafon Rochet (£230) & Clos Fourtet (£485).

Update Tuesday 22nd April

Margaux (£1235 per 6).

Update Thursday 17th April

Mouton (£1235 per 6), Clerc Milon (£330), d’Armailhac (£250), Palmer (£825 per 6), Pavie (£900 per 6) Angelus (£900 per 6), Talbot (£290), Coutet (£265) and l’Evangile (£540 per 6).

Update Wednesday 16th April

Climens (£435), Lafite (£1625 per 6) and Duhart Milon (£520).

Update Tuesday 15th April

Canon (£370), Haut Bailly (£440) and Calon Segur (£420).

Update Monday 14th April

Cos d’Estournel (£900) and Cos Blanc (£480).

Update Friday 11th April

Rauzan Segla (£370), Guiraud (£310) and Ormes de Pez (£180).

Update Thursday 10th April

Batailley (£240), Beychevelle (£425), Montrose (£630) and Lynch Bages (£550).

Update Monday 7th April

Pontet Canet (£675), Gazin (£420), Pichon Baron (£600), Suduiraut (£465 for bottles or £480 for halves) and Smith Haut Lafitte (£425).

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Bordeaux 2013 Report 

Unlucky 13? It looks that way: starting with a poor spring, the summer months of July and August were hot but unsettled. Then a humid September produced conditions for rot and just when an Indian summer was required, it rained! 100 days from flowering would have meant a mid to late October harvest, but the well-predicted long-range weather forecast brought forward picking to the end of September. Hence some lesser wines are under-ripe (over-acidic), but the good news is that there are very few that taste green (vegetal).


The result is that the 2013 Red Bordeaux taste of their terroir but unfortunately little else. They are mostly light-coloured (translucent, rather than opaque) with juicy red fruits (cherry, redcurrant & strawberry), but very rarely black (only in the best wines was “cassis” written in my notes). A-ha, a return to old-fashioned clairet you ask? With alcohol levels at 13% or less, yes it probably is!


The better wines had length on the palate but seldom did they have the breadth and opulence, which one finds in a 4- or 5- star vintage. The heart & soul show in the best wines, but the flesh & body are missing: 2013 is a vintage for philosophers, theologians and medics.


It is a vintage when the selection of the assemblage was paramount: how much merlot and cabernet to use? 2013 is an historic year for Pichon-Lalande; it has produced its first 100% cabernet sauvignon wine. That’s 32% of its vineyard planted with merlot which hasn’t been used in the grand vin; nor a further 7% split between cab franc and petit verdot.


The list of Seckford’s favourite 2013s illustrates that good wines were made across the region. Once again it was the chateaux with sufficient resources that could afford to make stringent decisions and not surprisingly it is a similar shortlist to last year’s. Wines will be offered on release; please do advise how often you wish to receive alert notifications – thank you.


Further good news is that an excellent sauvignon blanc and semillon harvest has produced many delicious dry whites and exceptional Sauternes. Summary offers of these two contrasting styles will be made. Suduiraut is available now at £465.


The wines of 2013 will be early drinking (cf 2004 and 2007), therefore make certain that you have a requirement for such a vintage in your cellar. The prices for bottled vintages of Bordeaux are yet to pick-up; therefore do consider filling gaps with alternative wines from the 1990 and 2000 decades. Buy parcels of wine that you know you enjoy; stock-up with old favourites and stick to the best.


In conclusion, buy 2013s with caution because prices will be inflated due to reduced yields; however the vintage does not merit a premium price. 

Bordeaux 2013 Top Wines (by appellation)


Cos d’Estournel ~ £900

de Pez

Lafon Rochet ~ £230

Le Crock

Montrose ~ £630

Ormes de Pez ~ £180

Batailley ~ £240
Clerc Milon ~ £330
d’Armailhac ~ £250
Duhart Milon ~ £520
Grand Puy Lacoste ~ £345
Haut Batailley ~ £230

Lafite ~ £1625 per 6

Latour (no longer released as a primeur)

Lynch Bages ~ £550

Mouton ~ £1235 per 6

Pichon Baron ~ £600

Pichon Lalande

Pontet Canet ~ £675

Beychevelle ~ £425

Clos du Marquis

Croix Beaucaillou

Ducru Beaucaillou

Gruaud Larose

Leoville & Langoa Barton

Leoville Las Cases

Leoville Poyferre

Moulin Riche

Saint Pierre

Ch Margaux ~ £1235 per 6

Palmer~ £825 per 6

Rauzan Segla ~ £370

Pessac-Leognan (Graves)

Domaine de Chevalier

Haut Bailly ~ £440

Haut Brion ~ £1235 per 6

Mission Haut Brion ~ £660 per 6

Pape Clement

Gazin ~ £420

La Conseillante



Canon La Gaffeliere

Cheval Blanc

Clos Fourtet ~ £485

Larcis Ducasse

Pavie Macquin


Climens ~ £435

Guiraud ~ £310

Suduiraut ~ £465

Supplements for other formats: 12 bottle price +£10 for 6 magnums; +£15 for 24 halves; +£70 for 3 double-magnums; +£15 for 12 bottles ordered as 2x6/75cl; +£25 for 24 halves ordered as 2x12/37.5cl(Please request alternative formats now – however they will be subject to final supply by the Chateau) 

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