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2005 Aloxe Corton - d'Ardhuy 75 IB 2 0 300 -

Bonnes Mares ( Norwegian back label ) - Roumier, Georges

75 IB 0 1 - 795
Tasting Notes for Bonnes Mares ( Norwegian back label ) - Roumier, Georges, 2005:
Roumier vinifies separately and later assembles the fruits of white chalk and red (iron-rich) parcels that inform his 2005 Bonnes Mares. At the time of my visit he had retained one pure barrel of each component as an investigation into terroir and the results were as fascinating as the blended wine is fascinatingly and profoundly beautiful. The ferrous lot (55% of the final assemblage) displays ripe blackberry and raspberry berries, along with (red soil-born) pungent smokiness, Chartreuse-like herbal and floral essences. A liqueur-like presentation of black fruits temporarily overshadows the mysterious (white rock-born) meld of chalky minerality and beef marrow that wells up gradually on a creamy palate with tannins of utmost refinement. The tension and energy are riveting lending the wine a dynamic, fleet-of-foot impression for all of its manifestly huge extract with incisive brightness of palate-staining fruit and vibrant minerality leading to a finish of sensational clarity and length. Even here, by the way, Roumier employs only around 40% new wood. One senses that Christophe Roumier considers 2005 a high point of his career, and my visit with him was among the high points of my recent trip. He describes this as a classic vintage lending itself to very calm, classic vinification, which given the opportunities afforded by perfectly healthy, firm, dry, ripe fruit involved triage almost solely to remove ladybugs, and included around 25% whole clusters in the fermenters at the Premier Cru level and 50% at that of Grand Cru. Wine Advocate # 170 Apr 2007
Parker Points: 96-97
Drinking Period:  -
2005 Bourgogne Rouge - Fornerol, Didier 75 IB 0 6 - 15
2005 Bourgogne Rouge ( oc 6-packs ) - Fornerol, Didier 75 IB 0 6 - 15
2005 Chambertin - Girardin, Vincent 75 IB 2 0 1650 -

Chambertin - Potel, Nicolas

75 IB 0 5 - 230
Tasting Notes for Chambertin - Potel, Nicolas, 2005:
Here is a 2005 Chambertin that rivals the rose petals of Clos de Beze, along with licorice, a ripeness of red fruit, a suggestion of peach jam, and a pungency of cinnamon that turns tactile on the palate. A chocolate richness and liqueur-like fruit intensity in the mouth never lose sight of the rose petals, nor cover up the chalk, wet stone and roasted meat that underlie a sumptuous, sultry finish. Round, rich and resonant gain new meaning with this stunningly opulent Pinot. Wine Advocate # 171 Jun 2007
Parker Points: 97-98
Drinking Period:  -
2005 Chambertin Clos de Beze - Drouhin Laroze 75 DP 0 6 - 150
2005 Chambertin Clos de Beze - Le Moine, Lucien 75 IB 0 6 - 390

Chambertin Clos de Beze - Rousseau, Armand

75 DP 0 1 - 900
Tasting Notes for Chambertin Clos de Beze - Rousseau, Armand, 2005:
The 2005 Chambertin Clos de Beze offers alluring aromas of licorice, mint, vanilla, plum paste, cherry preserves and rose petals, and seduces the palate with silky, incredibly refined texture and several octaves of fruit, herbal, floral and mineral notes, leading to a reverberative finish in which fruit pit and stony, chalky elements lend a sense of dark, weighty authority and an umami-like, meaty savor promotes uncontrollable salivation. No layering or mixing of metaphors can hope to do justice to the layering and concatenation of flavors on display. With Eric Rousseau taking over increasingly from his father Charles, bottling may end up being slightly earlier than in the past, but such routine features as triage exclusively in the vineyards (not the press house), the inclusion of whole clusters and stems, precocious malolactic fermentation (although in 2005 and 2006, at least, Rousseau says he didnt force this), reliance on older barrels, and an eventual light plaque filtration for all wines remain as before. Given the long-running success of these Pinots in subtly yet insistently conveying the distinct personalities of their sites and standing the test of time, some might well ask why change the recipe? while others will wonder whether the wines could be made even better. In any event, nature conspired to hand the new generation a vintage of historic dimensions. Wine Advocate # 170 Apr 2007
Parker Points: 87
Drinking Period:  -
2005 Chambertin Clos de Beze - Faiveley 75 IB 1 0 2950 -
2005 Chambertin Clos de Beze - Le Moine, Lucien 75 IB 0 1 - 390
2005 Chambertin Clos de Beze - Groffier, Robert 75 IB 0 1 - 275
2005 Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru Cuvee Jules - Lignier, Virgile 75 IB 1 0 450 -

Chambolle Musigny Aux Beaux Bruns - Barthod, Ghislaine

75 IB 1 0 1250 -
Tasting Notes for Chambolle Musigny Aux Beaux Bruns - Barthod, Ghislaine, 2005:
The 2005 Chambolle-Musigny Les Beaux Bruns offers a sweet, sappy, vividly fruity personality in keeping with the character of its siblings. Black raspberry jelly allied to notes of caramel and chocolate inform a rich, silky palate featuring fine but persistent tannins. This should drink well early, though I find it lacking in the refinement or distinction that characterizes most of Barthods wines. Possibly this is being held back by its touch of reduction, although generosity of fruit is not really the issue the wine is actually quite come-hither. Sharing expanded wine-making facilities with her husband, Louis Boillot, Gislaine Barthod continues to render some of the purest, most expressively fruity and consistently excellent as well as ageworthy Pinots in Burgundy. All but the Bourgogne and village Chambolle recently assembled in tank were tasted from barrel. Wine Advocate # 170 Apr 2007
Parker Points: 89-90
Drinking Period:  -
2005 Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureuses - Roumier, Georges 75 DP 0 1 - 1200
2005 Chambolle Musigny Les Baudes - Lignier, Hubert 75 IB 0 1 - 88
2005 Chambolle Musigny Les Charmes - Hudelot Noellat 75 IB 1 0 960 -
2005 Chambolle Musigny Les Gruenchers - Fourrier 75 IB 1 0 1495 -
2005 Charmes Chambertin Vieilles Vignes ( oc 6-pack ) - Bachelet, Denis 75 IB 0 6 - 425
2005 Clos de la Roche - Dujac 75 IB 0 3 - 450
2005 Clos de la Roche - Dujac 75 IB 0 4 - 525
2005 Clos de la Roche Cuvee Vieilles Vignes ( dp, owc, 6-packs ) - Ponsot 75 DP 1 0 10200 -
2005 Clos de Tart - Mommessin 75 IB 0 2 - 250
2005 Clos de Tart, Magnums - Mommessin 150 IB 0 1 - 495

Clos de Tart, Magnums - Mommessin

150 IB 0 3 - 525
Tasting Notes for Clos de Tart, Magnums - Mommessin, 2005:
Jadots 2005 Clos de la Roche offers scents of red raspberry, cherry, resin and maple syrup. Bright and sappy, sweetly-fruited and spicy on the palate, it finishes with smoky, resinous and faintly-bitter medicinal notes mingling with persistently sweet, ripe fruit. While quite accessible today, this carries a considerable load of tannin beneath its folds of fruit, should have at least ten year potential, and may well enter a tough period after bottling. Jacques Lardiere has once again presided over a collection for the most part not intended to flatter in its youth, but rather to achieve an eventual balance of fruit acidity with (in this instance frequently quite prominent) tannin. Prolonged post-fermentative extraction promoted a formidably-structured group of wines, which Lardiere expressed no hurry about bottling. Certain of these particularly from the Cote de Beaune displayed a slightly drying finishing astringency or simply an austere lack of charm to match their concentration, traits Lardiere suggested might be traceable to drought stress in those sites. A brief July rain that reached the Cote de Nuits but not the Cote de Beaune was critical, he asserts, and all of Jadots vines in the northern Cote were picked before the harvest in the south commenced. Wine Advocate # 171 Jun 2007
Parker Points: 92
Drinking Period:  -
2005 Clos Saint Denis ( oc 6-pack ) - Drouhin, Joseph 75 DP 0 6 - 100

Clos Vougeot - Meo Camuzet

75 DP 0 1 - 235
Tasting Notes for Clos Vougeot - Meo Camuzet, 2005:
The 2005 Clos Vougeot displays roasted, singed meatiness along with bitter-sweet, szechuan pepper-tinged mulberry fruit. Boasting terrific density on the palate, fineness of tannin, clarity of fruit, and saline, chalk and wet stone manifestations of mineral, this finishes with pungent spice and stone fruit. Lock this away for 8-10 years. Between the effects of drought and of localized hail (in May, before it could effect quality) Jean-Nicolas Meo reported one of his smallest-ever harvests. His production, however, is being boosted these days by a range of negociant wines under the label Meo-Camuzet Frere et Soeur (marked F&S in the listing above). The top wines had been assembled in tank and sulfured in preparation for bottling, and were suffering a bit on account of this. Wine Advocate # 170 Apr 2007
Parker Points: 93-94
Drinking Period:  -
2005 Clos Vougeot - Faiveley 75 IB 0 6 - 112
2005 Cote de Beaune Villages - Jadot, Louis 75 DP 0 7 - 14

Echezeaux ( oc 6-pack ) - Arnoux, Robert

75 IB 0 6 - 150
Tasting Notes for Echezeaux ( oc 6-pack ) - Arnoux, Robert, 2005:
The 2005 Echezeaux smells of fresh black raspberry, corriander and wood smoke, comes to the palate with ingratiating fresh fruit juiciness and refinement of (nevertheless abundant) tannins, offering sweet inner-mouth suggestions of lily and apricot. The finish lingers with considerable subtlety and refinement. I would revisit this in 6-8 years. Also recommended: 2005 Bourgogne (85). Pascal Lachaux (the late Robert Arnouxs son-in-law, who has been in charge here now for nearly two decades) had just bottled his 2005 collection vinified in his superb, recently-completed, gravity-fed facilities when I visited. Lachaux compares the proper watchword of the winemaker in a vintage with Pinot as healthy and naturally-concentrated as in 2005, to that of a chef confronted with a perfect piece of fish: restraint. That also describes the results he has achieved in bottle, although allowance should be made for the possibility that the expression of certain wines was restrained by their recent bottling. Wine Advocate # 170 Apr 2007
Parker Points: 91
Drinking Period:  -
2005 Gevrey Chambertin au Closeau - Drouhin Laroze 75 IB 1 0 425 -
2005 Gevrey Chambertin Cherbaudes - Fourrier 75 IB 1 0 1395 -
2005 Gevrey Chambertin Combe aux Moines - Fourrier 75 DP 0 2 - 135
2005 Gevrey Chambertin Cuvee Bertin - Lignier Michelot 75 DP 1 0 350 -
2005 Gevrey Chambertin en Reniard - Burguet, Alain 75 IB 1 0 575 -
2005 Gevrey Chambertin Les Cazetiers - Vallet Freres 75 DP 0 4 - 30
2005 Grands Echezeaux - Lachaux, Pascal 75 DP 0 6 - 192

La Romanee - Liger Belair, Domaine du Comte

75 DP 0 1 - 2500
Tasting Notes for La Romanee - Liger Belair, Domaine du Comte, 2005:
2005 La Romanee (which exhibits a much deeper color than the other wines) smells of black raspberry, black tea, Allspice, resin and smoked meat. Fresh-fruited and bright on the palate, with a wealth of refined tannin and spice and distilled fruit inner-mouth perfume, this penetrates impressively with spice, pepper, smoked meat, chalk, salt and persistently pure black raspberry. Thankfully, any excess woodiness is absent from the refined length of this offering, although (despite a mere 13.5% alcohol) I detect a hint of heat. For the few who can afford this, it will be most intriguing to follow. Young Louis-Michel Liger-Belair who considers himself a protege of the late Henri Jayer has ambitious plans, and soon he will incorporate more of the familys property (over which he only recently began assuming control this was the last vintage in which wine was delivered to Bouchard on contract) and inaugurate a new negociant side of the business. Malos were very early, which Liger-Belair accepts as routine. He virtually eschews pigeage. I try to avoid much extraction, he says, and in a year like 2005, its easy to extract too much. But he has no compunction about a ten day cold soak nor about the lavish (100%) application of new barrels, which seemed to me a bit much for these wines. They had been in bottle around three weeks when I tasted, and despite the fact that they were never pumped, they struck me as being somewhat under the influence. Wine Advocate # 170 Apr 2007
Parker Points: 93
Drinking Period:  -

La Romanee ( owc 6-pack ) - Bouchard Pere et Fils

75 IB 0 6 - 1425
Tasting Notes for La Romanee ( owc 6-pack ) - Bouchard Pere et Fils, 2005:
The Bouchard 2005 Vosne-Romanee Les Suchots displays dark cherry and subtly meaty aromas, along with hints of spice and cocoa powder that seem to typify ripe vintages from this site. Juicy, supple and satisfying on the palate with lots of raw ripe fruit intensity and spice as well as satisfying low-toned richness, this is very fine indeed, if not in a league with the best Suchots of the vintage (and there are numerous stellar examples including those of a surprisingly large number of negociants now sourcing from this site). Managing director Stephane Follin and cellar master Philippe Prost preside over a remarkable new, gravity-fed winemaking facility capable of handling the fruits of Bouchards 130 hectares of vines Burgundys largest estate (with 84 hectares in premier and grand crus alone) not to mention the enormous range of wine from purchased fruit or wines. Fully 40% of the reds are vinified in open-top fermenters with manual punch-downs (the balance in a battery of roto-fermentors) and the system of traffic control alone that must be in place during crush is hard to imagine. The underground acreage devoted to barriques similarly defies imagination until one sees it. Prost was very cautious with pigeage this year, but incorporated a significant percentage of whole clusters with stems in many of his better lots. A reputation for improved quality is being built here to which the results of 2005 will certainly contribute. I suspect that a number of the wines I tasted had not recovered from their recent bottling, hence the number of +?s one sees displayed following my scores. Wine Advocate # 171 Jun 2007
Parker Points: 91
Drinking Period:  -
2005 La Romanee, Magnums - Bouchard Pere et Fils 150 IB 1 0 16500 -
2005 Mazis Chambertin - Le Moine, Lucien 75 IB 0 6 - 300
2005 Mazoyeres Chambertin - Perrot Minot 75 IB 0 5 - 195
2005 Mercurey - Meix - Foulot, Domaine du 75 DP 1 0 125 -
2005 Meursault Rouge - Coche Dury, J F 75 IB 0 1 - 150
2005 Morey St Denis Clos de la Bussieres - Roumier, Georges 75 DP 0 1 - 100
2005 Morey St Denis Clos des Sorbes - Truchot-Martin 75 IB 0 9 - 285
2005 Morey St Denis Les Chaffots - Lignier, Hubert 75 IB 0 1 - 105
2005 Morey St Denis Les Faconnieres, Magnums ( OC - 3pack ) - Lignier Michelot 150 IB 0 3 - 150
2005 Musigny Vieilles Vignes - Vogue, Comte Georges de 75 IB 0 3 - 695
2005 Nuits St Georges - Arnoux, Robert 75 IB 1 0 375 -
2005 Nuits St Georges Aux Murgers - Cathiard, Sylvain 75 IB 1 0 1750 -
2005 Nuits St Georges Aux St Julien - Bocquenet, Daniel 75 IB 1 0 350 -

Nuits St Georges Clos de la Marechale - Mugnier, J F

75 IB 0 6 - 58
Tasting Notes for Nuits St Georges Clos de la Marechale - Mugnier, J F, 2005:
The Mugnier familys sprawling, gently-sloping 24-acre monopole just south of Premeaux-Prissey (managed and vinified by Faiveley until 2004) presents Frederic Mugnier with significant challenges. A small but symptomatic question is where to put it in the tasting line-up. Mugnier has decided to let it stand on its own at the end, a gutsy decision, but in the case of the 2005 Nuits-St.-Georges Clos de la Marechale justified in the glass. The sheer volume of wine from these vines of forty years average age requires not just the new larger cellar, but its own strategy of assemblage (from 2004 Mugnier bottled a second wine; in 2005 there were eight initial lots), as well as marketing. But at least heres one worthy 2005 Burgundy lovers stand a good chance of locating! What was virtually certain at the time of my visit to be the final assemblage of 2005 Clos de la Marechale offered aromas of red raspberry and smoked meats. In the mouth, effusively sweet, ripe, but very primary fruit flavors struggle to override the abundant, firm tannins and mingle with a tactile chalk dust minerality as though the nearby quarries were directly responsible. This is another Mugnier 2005 of palpably high extract, but this time with a sense of weight that does not accrue to the Chambolles. A salty, meaty side to this emerges most prominently in the long finish. Better post-assemblage integration may come soon, and more personality after a few years in bottle certainly the invigoratingly fresh-fruited 2004 is a complete, distinct and satisfying wine today but any prognostication would be premature since there is as yet no track record for this site in its owners hands. Frederic Mugnier works from a just-expanded and superbly appointed cellar, and a tasting of his 2004s confirms that he is scoring hits even when Nature does not make it easy as she did the following year. Mugnier advocates unusually late but limited pigeage. After all, he opines, we take great care not to crush the berries, so it doesnt make sense to do an early pigeage and break them, and late punch-down further extends the fermentation. Wine Advocate # 170 Apr 2007
Parker Points: 90
Drinking Period: 2015+
2005 Nuits St Georges Les Boudots - Mugneret, Gerard 75 DP 0 3 - 65
2005 Nuits St Georges Les Porrets - Bouchard Pere et Fils 75 IB 1 0 395 -

Nuits St Georges Les St Georges - Gouges, Henri

75 IB 1 0 1275 -
Tasting Notes for Nuits St Georges Les St Georges - Gouges, Henri, 2005:
The 2005 Nuits-St.-Georges Les St.-Georges displays a fascinating nose of black cherry, wood smoke, sandalwood, and sea breeze. Rich, deep, charred meat, toasted nut, lightly-cooked black fruit and myriad mineral notes lead to a palate-saturating spread of flavors, finishing vividly bright and above all with its elements of wet stone, salts, iodine and ore-like if ineffable essences memorably mineral. Fine-grained in tannin and formidably concentrated, this should be at least a twenty-year wine, revealing plenty of additional nuance along the way. The 2004 version, incidentally, is also serious and worth tracking down and cellaring for a few years Wine Advocate # 171 Jun 2007
Parker Points: 93
Drinking Period:  -
2005 Nuits St Georges Les St Georges - Le Moine, Lucien 75 IB 0 2 - 90
2005 Nuits St Georges Les St Georges - Gouges, Henri 75 DP 1 0 1275 -
2005 Nuits St Georges Les St Georges - Liger Belair, Thibault 75 IB 1 0 850 -
2005 Nuits St Georges Les St Georges ( oc 6-packs ) - Gouges, Henri 75 DP 3 0 1275 -
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