2008 Diebolt, Fleur de Passion


2008 Diebolt, Fleur de Passion

A further opportunity to buy 2008 Fleur de Passion from Diebolt Vallois, only made in absolutely the best years Fleur de Passion is the jewwell in the crown at Diebolt Vallois.

The grapes come from 7 or 8 plots of old vines planted on hillsides around the village of Cramant. These vines are all over 40 years old and many of them are 60 years old or even more - the Yields are low and production is tiny. Diebolt Vallois NV has long been the Seckford Wines house Champagne and it is utterly perfect for everyday Champagne drinking.

The Fleur de Passion is on a completely different level - 100% Chardonnay, Blanc de Blancs, a rare jewel needing considerable time in the bottle in order to develop its full and stunning potential. This is a true great of the Champagne world and I am delighted to be able to offer a legend in the making the 2008 vintage. The 2008’s have Something special: powerful fruit and scintillating acidity. Scored at 96/100 from Richard Juhlin, the Fleur de Passion is up there with the very best houses.

Peter Liem, the champagne critic says of the Fleur de Passion -  ‘for the terroir-obsessed, I do not believe that there is currently a finer method of studying the terroir of Cramant’

2008 Diebolt Vallois Fleur de Passion - £345/6 IB.

97/100 (Richard Juhlin)

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