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Selling your wine

Selling your wine couldn't be easier with Seckford Wines. We will either offer you a cash price or a broking service.

Cash Sale

Depending on market conditions and the wine on offer for sale we will be happy to make you a cash offer for your wine.
We are mostly interested in full cases but will consider loose bottles of especially rare wines.
Our main areas of interest are classed growth Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, though will consider fine wines from other regions.
Immediate payment by cheque or bank transfer upon receipt of wine.

Broking Service

Depending on the wine we may also propose to sell on your behalf.
Firstly we agree our selling prices with you, then add the wines to an account in your name here. Once sold we deduct our 10% commission fee, so you net 90% of the sale price. No other charges apply. Payments are made 30 days from sale. This service also provides you with online portfolio access to view your wines.
Weekly sales updates are sent to you via email.

For a quote or more information on selling wine to Seckford, please contact:

Justin Bryant -

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