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About En Primeur

Buying wines En Primeur is the practice of buying wines in the Spring following the harvest whilst the wines are still in barrel. Historically, this enabled the Chateaux or Domaines to finance the next vintage - nowadays, it represents the first opportunity to buy the latest release and at the cheapest price. Bordeaux, Burgundy, The Rhone and Port are the main regions that use the practice of En Primeur, however other regions are starting to join the party.

Buying En Primeur

At Seckford Wines we hope to make buying En Primeur as simple as possible. The Price of the wine is inclusive of shipping from Bordeaux to our bonded cellars in Suffolk and payment is required at the time of invoicing. The cases are usually delivered 2-3 years after the En Primeurs and we will notify you once they have safely arrived in your account. 

 Buy En Primeur

Why Should I Buy En Primeur

En Primeur is traditionally the time when collectors can get the best price for the Chateaux or Domaines, and also being able to secure other formats - traditionally made in smaller quantities and therefore harder to find once on the market. In vintages of high demand, the top wines often sell within hours and once again can be hard to find once on the market in the bottle. 

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