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Meet the team

Here are details for the Seckford Wines team. If you’re unsure who to contact, please see our Contact Us for further information.


Julian Downing Chairman, Purchasing 01394 446625 Send Email 
Charles Godwin Managing Director, Overseas Trade 01394 446643 Send Email 
Justin Bryant Director, Broking & Purchasing 01394 446623 Send Email
James Maitland Private Client Sales 01394 446610 Send Email 
William Haughton Private Client Sales 01394 446646 Send Email 
Wilson Fung Overseas Trade 01394 446641 Send Email 
Ed Barber Trade Sales 01394 446618 Send Email
John Ireland Fine Wine Storage 01394 446617 Send Email 
Glenn Relf Logistics Manager 01394 446644 Send Email
Victor Iu Logistics Administrator 01394 446644 Send Email 
Emma Currie Sales Administration 01394 446626 Send Email
Kate Campany Sales Administration 01394 446645 Send Email 
Sarah Read Accounts 01394 446629 Send Email
Alistair Richards Warehouse Manager 01394 446621 Send Email 
Frederique Pawsey Bond Administration 01394 446627 Send Email
Warehouse Bonded Warehouse 01394 387300 Send Email 


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