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Wine Investment

The concept of buying wine as an investment is a relatively new one. It used to be that some canny consumers may have funded their next wine purchase by buying two cases of the same wine – one to drink and one to sell.

However, in 1983, the American wine critic Robert Parker’s declaration of the 1982 Bordeaux vintage – ‘the greatest vintage of the 20th century’ - had a significant impact on the fine wine market, and investment in particular. Also, with the advent of his 100-point ratings scale, retailers and consumers now had a transparent yardstick that would influence not just quality, but the price; particularly in the secondary market.

Today we have a different landscape altogether. Wine investment is now considered an alternative asset, with investors building portfolios with the sole purpose of turning a profit. Technology has given us access to unlimited data on areas of production, vintages, growers and wine prices. And with Parker paving the way for many more professional wine critics, the market has opened doors for wine regions and customers all over the globe.

Simple supply and demand economics are evident in the appeal of wine investment. A vintage cannot be re-produced and as each bottle is drunk then the production is reduced; making these fine wines rarer as they mature.

Key points

  • The fine wine industry is not regulated and we are not a financial institution - as such, we cannot give financial advice or guarantees on investment returns on fine wine. 

  • However, as one of the UK’s leading fine wine merchants, we can help you build a portfolio of great wines, with excellent provenance and stored with us here in our very own bonded warehouse, governed by HMRC. We have decades of experience and expertise in the fine wine market, trading the world’s finest wines on a daily basis, so please get in touch to talk through the possibilities.   

  • We have a very transparent policy on charges. We do not charge management fees, or any incidental hidden charges. Charges are made for annual storage, which is currently the cheapest in the UK, and we charge a flat 10% fee on the sale price if and when you choose to sell

  • Traditionally, wine has been regarded as a ‘wasting asset’ by HMRC, therefore not incurring capital gains tax, but please speak with an accredited financial advisor for details on current legislation and potential tax implications
  • Do your research and use a trusted, reputable company, which can guide you in your purchases and trading decisions.
  • As with all markets prices fluctuate and the value of wines can go down as well as up. See the below chart, which shows the performance of the broader Bordeaux market over the last 5 years alongside the FTSE100 and Gold markets

















Contact Us

If you would like to explore wine investment further then please contact us here at Seckford. As one of the UK’s leading fine wine merchants, we have an excellent reputation for accurate, fair pricing and are renowned specialists in buying, storing and selling fine wine.

Please contact us for further information:

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