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Bordeaux En Primeur - 2019

The Seckford tasting trip was unfortunately cancelled this year - for obvious reasons - and so we didn’t get the chance to taste and get an overall idea of how these wines are showing from barrel. Information we have been able to compile is that overall the vintage has been rated by the Bordeaux Institute of Wine and Vine Science (ISVV) as a 3.5/4 star vintage, putting it behind the likes of 2015 & 2016 but better than 2017. A combination of 2018 & 2016 seems to be quite a good bet; the concentration and vivid fruit of 2018, with the structure and longevity of 2016.
Of course there have been no wider tastings by trade or press, but some Chateaux have sent samples to key importers and critics, so there will hopefully be some more information to come. Further than that we would not want to venture too much into anticipating the style of the wines, as very raw barrel samples can change considerably in a short space of time. Added to that the global market is far from on a firm footing, similar to when we saw the 2008s released in the spring of 2009, although I wouldn’t hold too much hope of seeing Lafite at £1800 odd a case!
We hope to see some tempting prices from the Chateaux, which will be encouraging for the market. If that’s the case then there could well be some very exciting buys from 2019. We shall have to wait and see, and we will endeavour to keep you up to date as and when we have more news.
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